PC Health Check

Eventually, pc’s and laptops slow down. They get clogged with files and unwanted software and sometimes even viruses. If this sounds like your computer, then your computer needs a health check. This service includes:

  • Disk drive defragmentation
  • Virus check and/or removal
  • Internet speed check
  • Driver upgrade/installation
  • Diagnosis of any serious underlying problems i.e. hard drive errors, registry corruption, hardware failures

This service costs £50. The cost of resolving and serious problems found during the health check will be extra, and will depend on whether any additional hardware or software is to be purchased.

Internet problems

The internet such an important part of many peoples’ lives it’s difficult for them to imagine life without it. Unfortunately, sometimes the “worst” does happen! If your internet connection has failed you can feel cut off if you can’t check your email, surf or keep up with your social network(s). You also have have the hassle of trying to get your internet connection up and working again. Talking to someone in a faraway call centre can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Here’s where we can help! We have a lot of experience in troubleshooting and fixing internet connections and, where neccesary, dealing with those call centres on your behalf. We will quickly and efficiently get to the root of the problem, be it a mis-configured or faulty router or a wireless internet connection. This service usually costs between £60-£70.